sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

You make me rise when I fall.

A long time ago I posted my last entry and today I want to post here a entry that shows the changes that a person can experiment in a very little period of time.
Four years ago I didn't live the best years of my live, I suposs that may can be because I was in the "edad del pavo" but it's very important a lot of events that change my life.
It's very hard to see how a person can change your life, and not for good, as you can spend years embittered by a person who doesn't deserve anything, not even the name right now.
I spend a few very bad years, but the important thing is how I'm now and I'm very happy because I've progressed in may thing and I'm with the person I love and he makes me very happy. I want to pass with them all of my life and I want go with him very soon to Madrid and I want be with him the rest of my life. It's the reason of my life.

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